If immediate response is needed, call 911. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 to speak with a specially trained Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocate.

Making the Invisible Visible (MIV)

“Nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete.”

– David Jones

The hidden crime of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities. YET, drug cases continue to be the most common type of prosecuted crimes. Why is the number of prosecuted human trafficking cases so far below that of drug and arms violations?

Simply because human trafficking is a HIDDEN crime.

A community may see that traffickers deal drugs, but the community does NOT see when traffickers deal people.

It is important to know that victims of human trafficking usually do not self-identify or are not aware that help is available. Therefore, it is up to our community members to help identify victims. Without having an understanding of human trafficking indicators, many community members will miss the opportunity to identify a potential human trafficking situation or help someone in need. Others may recognize the signs but not know how to reach out for help. Raising awareness about how to identify and report human trafficking is essential.

Why videos?

We aim to make the invisible crime of human trafficking visible by producing short videos about human trafficking.

We are here to help.

Gateway Alliance against Human Trafficking has produced a series of videos and infographics to raise awareness about human trafficking. These productions have helped our community —including students, parents, teachers, business people, law enforcement, prosecutors, and many others — learn the signs of human trafficking and how to report it to the proper authorities.

Working together to save lives.

If we work together, we can turn victims into survivors and begin to stop human trafficking before it starts. Educating our youth is the best way to protect them and others from the dangers of human trafficking.